Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aiden Joseph

 Pregnancy Ticker

So yes, its been forever since i updated this blog. Kind of forgot about in the midst of everything! Still adjusting to life in MI. And our little guy, is doing great so far. We decided on the name as Aiden Joseph Wawro! He is a kicker, i tell you what! he's become very active in the past couple weeks. Loves to remind me he's still there when I'm lying down. Our next appt is Sept 7th and I will be in my 6th month! Can't believe it's gone by so fast! We've been planning the baby shower and starting to buy small things to get our little man set up. Still lots to do, but we are working on it. I will keep you updated with all the new stuff headed our way!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink or Blue?

Well I'm sure you can figure out this means right? Yes, as it turns out, Rob and I are going to be 1st time parents in 9 months! Perfect timing as always! We are both very excited! I took the test Tuesday morning, and because I'm a skeptical person, I took 3 more! HAHAHA. All positive. Our rough estimate  (without having gone to the doctors yet) is I'm about 5 1/2 weeks or so. I won't be able to get into the doctors until after we get to Mi (unless I get lucky and find someone with an opening before the end of the month) I know we have told some people, but as it's still VERY early, we hadn't told everyone just yet. But of course we're bursting to tell everyone we know, and some we don't even know! I hope to get into the docs when we get to Michigan very quickly! Needless to say now we have a lot of on our plate! Can't wait to see what this new journey brings for us!

So what's new with us you ask?

Hi and Hello!

As you all know it's crazy busy here! We're still planning the move, and getting our life packed up as fast as possible! Weve had recent info change for us, but I will address the Move aspect first! Some out dates shifted slightly. My last day of work is still the same. We plan to pick up the rental truck on the 28th (yes we decided to try to kill ourselves and move ourselves without the military) Hopefully will pan out to be financially worth it! Robs last day of work will still be the 29th of April. we will be up bright and early on the 30th...our last day living in VA! We will get the last of the stuff packed in the truck, do our last minute drop offs for cable, etc...and be on our way! We intend to stop in Pennsylvania for the night so it helps cut up the very long trip! Since we usually do it in the same car its not too bad. This will be a different experience. I will be driving Robs Blazer, and he will have the Moving truck! My plan on April 23rd is to part ways with my car. We have already gotten an appraisel for it, which will make it worth leaving it behind! Plus its one less thing to tote up north! We will stay overnight on the 30th and start early and fresh in the morning on the 1st! we hope to get to my moms house by 8-9 pm. We will unload the truck Monday morning to a storage unit, and then return the truck. So LOTS to do in a short amount of time. I think the change will be hectic but I'm very excited! I'm sure I'm forgetting something in our long list of "to do's" and I'll update this again when I recall them  =) 

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Time....

Ok great news...WE HAVE ORDERS IN HAND!
Here's the long and short of what we know. Rob will be recruiting in Dearborn Michigan. We will be there 3 years. We received our orders (still waiting on welcome package) last Tuesday, and have been very busy ever since. As the traditional Navy way..they put us in a time crunch! We have 60 days from last Tuesday to move and report! Rob will be attending a school in Pennsacola Florida for a little bit over 38 days. This will teach him how to become the "salesman" he needs to be to recruit.

Our house is on the market as of mid February. There has been a few people come by, but not many. Time to step up our game plan! We have set up Open Houses until the week we are to leave in hopes to sell this place. As for what happens if we can't sell, we are still working o the kinks on that one. Hoping to meet with Navy Federal this week to discuss options either way. If you know anyone who's looking, we're listed with Century 21.

Now back to the other info. We're still not sure how we plan to move out stuff. Also on the list of places to go this week. We will try to meet with the moving people in Norfolk to discuss our options. I have been in contact with a realtor in Michigan. So the house search on that side is already in commence. (got mom doing drive by's and peeking in windows! Ha!) The hope is we can find something there fairly soon. Which brings me to our very long list of dates. In case you want to keep up with us, here's the dates we have planned for almost everything as it will be very hectic for a little bit...

26th-my 3oth birthday (yay)
27th-Open house

3rd-Open House
10th-Open House
23rd-Open house
27th-Sara's last day of work
29th-We leave for Mi after Rob gets out of work ..AKA House hunting leave (Last time Sara will be in Va!)

This is where is gets rough...

7th-Rob leaves from Mi to Fl for school
9th-Rob stops in Va to officially check out of his command/takes off for FL
14th-Rob checks in Fl for school (school starts the 16th!)

20th-Rob graduates school and heads back towards MI
24th-Rob should be back to Mi
29th-Rob starts leave (this time will count against his leave time)

1st-Robs first day as an official recruiter

**During all the school etc, I will stay with my parents and keep on with the house search if nothing pops up earlier for us! So this is the breakdown somewhat with what is going on with us for the next few months. Be patient with us as this is very new to us and kinda hard to straighten out! I just wanted to keep everyone informed of the events going on as of now. If more news pops up, I'll be sure to let you know! See most of you very soon! And for those we are leaving behind, you will be missed!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's been awhile

Hi All!

Sorry it's been a bit since I last posted! I've been a very busy girl! So let's see what I need to catch up on with you.. was nice. We stayed in Va. Was a quiet Christmas this year. But Rob and I were together so it was a nice change of pace!

We left for Michigan for New Years. Got to see family on both sides, which was great! Amazing how much the nieces have all grown! It's always hard to say goodbye, but we know we will probably be back soon!

So this is where the busy comes in. With Rob doing lots of detachments for the past several months, I've been on my own a lot! As of now, he's on anther det on the USS Bush. Only a month long as far as we know. In the meantime, before he left, we worked frantically to get the house ready to be put up on the market. Still no physical orders in hand, but we did get word that the Dearborn office in Michigan has an opening. We will find out when Rob gets back where the situation stands. So since we will have to leave come May, we are getting the house listed. Since he's gone again, it's up to me to finish the house work and get the realtor in here to sign paperwork. I've been working like crazy to get the house painted, organized, and cleaned. I am hopeful to get it listed by very early next week. Hopefully not too long after Rob will be home with me for the actual sale. This will (unless something changes) be his last det in this command. He will not make deployment, so I'm sure he won't mind not seeing the boat for awhile! If we do get orders in hand once he's back, and it is in MI, then we have a 10 day pass to go house hunting. very much up in the air until we do have the papers, and get our house rolling. But as the Navy always says "hurry up and wait" Things are starting to somewhat come together though, which is relieving a lot of stress. For us, that is what is going on lately. Sorry we are both MIA most of the time. I promise this won't last forever! I will keep everyone up to date on the orders and as well as location and date! Until then, we wait!  I hope by early March we will have a new state to start calling home!  Talk to you real soon!