Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pink or Blue?

Well I'm sure you can figure out this means right? Yes, as it turns out, Rob and I are going to be 1st time parents in 9 months! Perfect timing as always! We are both very excited! I took the test Tuesday morning, and because I'm a skeptical person, I took 3 more! HAHAHA. All positive. Our rough estimate  (without having gone to the doctors yet) is I'm about 5 1/2 weeks or so. I won't be able to get into the doctors until after we get to Mi (unless I get lucky and find someone with an opening before the end of the month) I know we have told some people, but as it's still VERY early, we hadn't told everyone just yet. But of course we're bursting to tell everyone we know, and some we don't even know! I hope to get into the docs when we get to Michigan very quickly! Needless to say now we have a lot of on our plate! Can't wait to see what this new journey brings for us!

So what's new with us you ask?

Hi and Hello!

As you all know it's crazy busy here! We're still planning the move, and getting our life packed up as fast as possible! Weve had recent info change for us, but I will address the Move aspect first! Some out dates shifted slightly. My last day of work is still the same. We plan to pick up the rental truck on the 28th (yes we decided to try to kill ourselves and move ourselves without the military) Hopefully will pan out to be financially worth it! Robs last day of work will still be the 29th of April. we will be up bright and early on the 30th...our last day living in VA! We will get the last of the stuff packed in the truck, do our last minute drop offs for cable, etc...and be on our way! We intend to stop in Pennsylvania for the night so it helps cut up the very long trip! Since we usually do it in the same car its not too bad. This will be a different experience. I will be driving Robs Blazer, and he will have the Moving truck! My plan on April 23rd is to part ways with my car. We have already gotten an appraisel for it, which will make it worth leaving it behind! Plus its one less thing to tote up north! We will stay overnight on the 30th and start early and fresh in the morning on the 1st! we hope to get to my moms house by 8-9 pm. We will unload the truck Monday morning to a storage unit, and then return the truck. So LOTS to do in a short amount of time. I think the change will be hectic but I'm very excited! I'm sure I'm forgetting something in our long list of "to do's" and I'll update this again when I recall them  =)