Friday, November 19, 2010

And we wait...

Some of you know that it's that time for Rob and I to pick orders. We talked and agonized over this for months. Not only is the decision difficult but comes with a rough time line as well. As Robs on sea duty right now, he is doing work ups for deployment, later scheduled. We won't to go on this cruise, but he's still in charge of doing the work ups for it with the command. Having said that, he's been gone A LOT the last couple months. And it doesn't stop there, he'll be doing it for several more months. Now after long consideration, we decided to roll the dice, and give recruiting a try. He submitted his application, and this is where the waiting starts. we now have to wait to the info on where we will be stationed for the next 3 years! I know many have asked where and when. I promise to keep this updated with all the info we have! the next few months, we have to lightly renovate our home, get it on the market, sell it, and purchase a house elsewhere. Seems nuts right? Yeah it kinda is, but its the way it is. We have all of this to do and roughly 5 1/2 months in which time to make it happen. Here's where my Navy wife skills better kick in. As it will be pretty busy for us for awhile, I will keep this blog updated as well as I can to keep everyone informed! Just wanted to get the word out now since I've already inquiries!

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