Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Time....

Ok great news...WE HAVE ORDERS IN HAND!
Here's the long and short of what we know. Rob will be recruiting in Dearborn Michigan. We will be there 3 years. We received our orders (still waiting on welcome package) last Tuesday, and have been very busy ever since. As the traditional Navy way..they put us in a time crunch! We have 60 days from last Tuesday to move and report! Rob will be attending a school in Pennsacola Florida for a little bit over 38 days. This will teach him how to become the "salesman" he needs to be to recruit.

Our house is on the market as of mid February. There has been a few people come by, but not many. Time to step up our game plan! We have set up Open Houses until the week we are to leave in hopes to sell this place. As for what happens if we can't sell, we are still working o the kinks on that one. Hoping to meet with Navy Federal this week to discuss options either way. If you know anyone who's looking, we're listed with Century 21.

Now back to the other info. We're still not sure how we plan to move out stuff. Also on the list of places to go this week. We will try to meet with the moving people in Norfolk to discuss our options. I have been in contact with a realtor in Michigan. So the house search on that side is already in commence. (got mom doing drive by's and peeking in windows! Ha!) The hope is we can find something there fairly soon. Which brings me to our very long list of dates. In case you want to keep up with us, here's the dates we have planned for almost everything as it will be very hectic for a little bit...

26th-my 3oth birthday (yay)
27th-Open house

3rd-Open House
10th-Open House
23rd-Open house
27th-Sara's last day of work
29th-We leave for Mi after Rob gets out of work ..AKA House hunting leave (Last time Sara will be in Va!)

This is where is gets rough...

7th-Rob leaves from Mi to Fl for school
9th-Rob stops in Va to officially check out of his command/takes off for FL
14th-Rob checks in Fl for school (school starts the 16th!)

20th-Rob graduates school and heads back towards MI
24th-Rob should be back to Mi
29th-Rob starts leave (this time will count against his leave time)

1st-Robs first day as an official recruiter

**During all the school etc, I will stay with my parents and keep on with the house search if nothing pops up earlier for us! So this is the breakdown somewhat with what is going on with us for the next few months. Be patient with us as this is very new to us and kinda hard to straighten out! I just wanted to keep everyone informed of the events going on as of now. If more news pops up, I'll be sure to let you know! See most of you very soon! And for those we are leaving behind, you will be missed!


  1. YAY! Good luck!! Congratulations Rob!

    Seriously - if you want to consider renting I can get you the info for the 2 houses on my street :-) Our houses over here are 1 story ranches about 1100 square feet. Was plenty of room til we had our munchkins! I believe they also have garages, I will have to run down to check.

  2. Hi Sara and Rob -

    After so many years in Norfolk/VA Beach, what a stroke of luck to get Dearborn MI. Hope you get some time to visit w Jay and family as well as the Ramsdens. Hope things go smoothly (but we all know that Navy stuff is never smooth). I will miss seeing the helos and jets in VA, but will enjoy the shorter drive by far.

    Fair winds and following seas...

    Love, Papa Wawro